Our Practice--Finding Balance

Osteopathic medicine treats the whole person, seeing the world in which he or she lives, and the ways in which his or her life is expressing itself. It works with the person to evolve in the most meaningful way possible. It focuses on the Health of the person, aiming to make him or her strong enough to handle the stresses, the obstacles, the hurdles of life.

At Wellspring Cottage, we work with people who feel that they are not as healthy, strong, or vital as they have been in the past; and people who have never felt as strong or healthy as they would like to be, or people who are going through a transiently rough time, either with their physical, or their emotional or psychological being.

You do not have to have pain anywhere, or excessive discomfort, to prove that you do not feel well. You may feel that structurally you are fine, but functionally you are not. Or you may find that structurally something does not feel right, which then seems to sap your energy. This may include muscle or joint pain, abdominal discomfort and irritable bowel symptoms, generalized fatigue or poor sleep.

Biodynamic Osteopathy opens the doors to the interplay between structure and function. Using this approach to the body, osteopaths feel for and work with the fluid fluctuation of blood, cerebrospinal fluid and the lymphatics, as they nourish body tissues. The Osteopathic physician works with your structure to help to establish balance, and allow for optimal fluid flow. This is a gentle hands-on therapy, that works from head to toe, to aid the Health within to relieve fluid restrictions, tissue congestion, and muscle spasms.

Here at Wellspring Cottage, we also are available to help you understand what areas in your nutritional, metabolic, and endocrine systems might also be out of balance. We offer testing for hormone levels, vitamins and minerals, and interpretation and treatment thereof. When indicated, we refer you on to other practitioners, such as those gifted in homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, exercise and massage, as well as, for example: counseling, biofeedback, guided imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping). This might include referral to M.D. or D.O. specialists as well.